In collaboration with different designers & craftswomen we made a simple basket by upcycling plastic bags.

By developing simplified tutorials, different handcraft techniques (knit, crochet and weaving) will taught thought an open source design.


LEARNING A SKILL: The goal of this project is share knowhow in order to help women become self-taught craftswomen.

ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE: By producing and saling products craftswomen can rely on their skills  to become financial independent.

FREE MATERIALS: Canastaaa is made with upcycled plastic bags, therefore, no material investment needs to be made. This helps the environment and creates a conversation about the valorization of waste, up-cycling and the protection of the environment. We are cleaning the planet through design.

TARGET COUNTRIES AND PUBLIC: Women in developing countries, like my home country Guatemala, can take this design pattern to make a basket that will help to increase or create an income.

FIGHTING POVERTY WITH ENTREPREURSHIP: The base for the implementation of this project is the well tested and proven system of making women micro entrepreneurs. The majority of women always invest in the education of their children and in the community! Helping a woman is helping a community.



EVOLVING DESIGN: By mastering the initial pattern, craftswomen can move to a second level design with more intricate shapes and various sizes. By having several levels in this design, craftswomen are being encourage to learn more about the techniques and experiment with new designs. 

NEXT STEP FOR THE MASTERED CRAFTSWOMEN: We also want to establish a lasting link between the mastered crafter. We believe the craftswomen need to work in a cooperative mode to assure a production that responds to international imperatives: like standardization of quality and assurance to supply an established quantity.

Atypique Atipico will accompany the cooperatives to obtain this objective.



OPEN SOURCE : AA’s Canastaaa project aims to redirect open source for those in need and expand its application outside technology. 

WOMEN BACKING UP WOMEN:By sharing their knowledge and design through and open source design, feminism would be in constant practiced.

TO BUILD THE IDEAL PRODUCTION LINE OF THE FUTURE: Adaptive manufacturing by craftswomen that understand upcycling design.



We will make instructions that will mainly have pictograms and numbers. This instructions can be printed and given by established associations within the target communities.

We will also make tutorial videos. Now-a-days, having a smartphone is a priority thus the access to free video. These videos will be a supportive material for the PDF guide.

The instructions will be constructed in a way that ANYONE can learn the techniques, no previous knowledge is required. Cannastaaa is for everyone who wants to learn a craft by making a basket.



Isabelle Teste, crochet instructions, medium level mastering craft

Alice Hammer, tricot instructions, high level mastering craft

Meüs, woven instructions & implementation partner in Guatemala

Fab Lab de la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, development of project

Le Reset, development of project

Francoise Onic, Pedagogic advisory on instructions

Francisco Linares,  licensed in Development Studies; Partnerships Manager