Lili Jullian for Atypical Atipico

Round table on the ecological future of innovative materials.

On the occasion of the 3rd edition of the Salon dedicated to textile innovation professionals, Fashion Tech Days, Atypical Atipico spoke at one of the round tables.

Julie Pont de Modelab hosted the round table THE REVOLUTION OF MATERIALS. The guests were Sofia Linares from AA , Elodie Michaud & Rebecca Fezard / Hors Studio , Virginie Canart / Uptex and Gilles Lasbordes / Première Vision .

They explained the innovative ecological or technological approaches that exist. They focused mainly on the problem: How to create new technologically innovative textiles while remaining in sustainable and ecological productivity.

Here are some points mentioned: the first investor in technological research is the French army. They consider upstream ecology in the strategy of their R & D and Purchasing.

European legislation is put in place to test and extend the durability of materials and clothing.

Textile technology companies expect are in constant search of more ecological solutions: as on the recycling of garment falls, the mutation of an animal matter to a polyester. Currently the reference is a tincture made from bacteria: Pili .

My conclusion: new technologies are an essential part of our future. We can not stop them but we can help them produce better via eco-design protocols.